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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kind of Realized Something...

Hey everyone!

So, I just recently was thinking...

I really want to have a blog that people can enjoy and learn things from, and that I can actually gain followers on. And I was wondering, why don't many people on Blogger have many followers and aren't always very successful? And after thinking about it, I figured it out.

Your blog needs a purpose.

So far on my blog, I've kinda just shared art. Which, isn't really what people usually follow for a blog, unless it's completely meant for art. Which, The Adept Imager isn't really.

I wanted to share my art on here, but now I'm changing my mind. I want to write things that people will be interested in reading, like reviews and posts about things people care about. So I'm going to get rid of my old posts and start being serious with this.

I'm thinking that if I do share my art on a blog/site, then it'll be separate from this blog. I might share a little art something on here every once in awhile, but this isn't just going to be a art blog.

Just wanted to clear that up and say that I'm planning some future posts. :3

If you have anything to recommend for me to post/write about, that'd be great. Since, sometimes imagination is limited. X3

I might be changing the theme of my blog, to make it a bit less dark.

I like how it looks, but... I think it just might be a bit too dark... ;u;

See you guys later!
Feel free to comment! ^u^